Servant Leader Scholarship

The Servant Leader Scholar program engages students in leadership development and community service activities.

By engaging students outside the classroom and with community partners, Servant Leader Scholars develop a deeper sense of how social responsibility contributes to the development of a leader. Scholars will be involved in individual development and group service activities. Additionally, they are charged with developing and coordinating service opportunities in which the entire campus community participates.


Students interested in the Servant Leader Scholars program should speak with their admissions counselor about the program. To apply, students must submit a resume highlighting their community service and leadership experiences along with one letter of reference from someone familiar with their service and leadership experiences.


Up to ten entering first-year students will be selected each year for the program. The selection process will typically begin in mid- to late-March and will consist of interviews (phone or in-person) with the program coordinator and possibly an upper-class student in the program. Selection is based on high school community service and leadership activities, as well as a strong GPA.


Students will be expected to complete activities individually and as a group for each of their four years in the Servant Leader Scholars program. Ongoing activities include being involved on campus, developing and maintaining a Leadership Portfolio, creating and regularly updating a personal development plan, and participating in monthly service projects. Other activities may include:

  • Self-assessment of leadership capabilities
  • Participation in student organizations
  • Annual Servant Leader Scholar program retreats
  • Shelton Leadership Challenge
  • Professional and academic mentoring
  • Planning alternative spring break trips
  • Promote community service on campus

Leadership Portfolio

Students in the Servant Leader Scholars program will develop and maintain a Leadership Portfolio to document their activities and learning throughout their four years. Reflections and other evidence of learning experiences such as photos, clippings, and personal narratives may be contained in the portfolio, which will highlight the participant's progress toward individual goals and the outcomes of the program. The format of the portfolio is flexible and may include an electronic portfolio, printed portfolio, or other means as agreed upon between the student and the advisor.

From Our Alumni

"Without Urbana University, I'm not sure I would have been able to complete my undergraduate education.  As a working adult, wife and mother the flexibility and schedule that UU for Life allowed was invaluable, and provided me with attainable options for completion of my B.S. in Business."

-Amy Kemp
Class of ‘00