Refunds & Vouchers

Student Accounts

Student Refunds

If you feel there is a credit on your account from extra financial aid, you may request a refund from your account by either emailing, or by personally appearing in the Student Accounts Office in Oak Hall to request a refund. This may be done after the first 2 weeks of classes and not before. When your request is received you will be informed when the check will be available for pick up in the Account Payable Office (next door to Student Accounts in Oak Hall) or when it will be mailed.

Bookstore Voucher Information

It is best to come prepared to purchase your student's books on your own when you come to campus for each semester. We recommend that you plan on at least $600 to purchase your books each semester.

If you feel that your student will have a credit balance on the student account, please call the Student Accounts Office and talk with a staff member about the possibility of receiving a book voucher. Many professors require that their students come to class with their books, so it is very important to purchase all of the books that are recommended each semester.

Urbana University partners with Barnes & Noble Booksellers for our bookstore. You can to the Urbana University Bookstore Online to reserve your textbooks for convenient pick-up in the bookstore. A major credit card is required in order for you to reserve textbooks. You may also call (937) 484-1321 to talk with the Bookstore directly about the books that you will need.

From Our Faculty

"Urbana University gives a professor freedom in wayst hat larger schools do not.  Here, I can create courses and work one-on-one with students because the classes are small."

-David George, Ph.D
Urbana Faculty