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Urbana University offers a very competitive scholarship program to our new students!

The Net Price Calculator will help you determine if Urbana University is within your reach financially. This simple calculator will show you an estimated financial aid package based upon the information that you enter into the program. Please be as accurate as possible with your data entry because it will impact your overall estimated net price at Urbana University. 

Please keep in mind that this only estimates financial aid and costs to you.  All information that is available through the Net Price Calculator is estimated and will not be used to determine your final award package at Urbana University. You must be admitted to Urbana University through the Admissions Process and file a FAFSA in order to receive an official financial aid award package from Urbana University. To file your FAFSA, please go to  If you haven't already done so, please contact our Admissions Office to receive application materials. You may call them at (937) 772-9200 or visit their webpage!

If you have questions while placing information into the Net Price Calculator, please click on the help tabs within the program. This program is operated through the College Board and they are responsible for assisting students and their families with questions within the program. You will not be contacted regarding the information that you enter into this program because it is for your own personal information only. The Financial Aid Office will only contact you once we receive a FAFSA and you have been admitted to Urbana University.

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"What I loved about Urbana University right away was the class size.  It became like a support group and we worked through the troubles of life and class together."

-Michelle Lane
Class of ‘02