Sustainability Management Certificate Program

This certificate program equips students to meet the growing demand for more efficient management of the limited resources in our world today.  In obtaining this certificate, students learn and apply principles of sustainable management of resources and opportunities based on a triple-bottom-line perspective.  They obtain and demonstrate the ability to manage trade-offs among social, economic, and environmental values and resources that are critical to the promotion of a sustainably productive future. Dowload the program course list.

Prerequisites for Admission to the Certificate Program: 

  1. A Bachelor of Arts  or Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited university/college
  2. An overall GPA of 2.0 or higher

Students who do not meet these prerequisites may seek permission to register for the following courses from the program coordinator.

Requirements for Receiving the Certificate:

The student can choose to take either 15 online course credits or 12 online course credits plus 3 credits of independent study (as documented in a written report upon completion) with one of the faculty members.  Each student must also complete a comprehensive project that demonstrates the student's ability to apply the concepts of sustainability management to a real-world scenario.  (This project can be an extension of a course project or topic that the student finds particularly interesting and wants to focus on more deeply within the wide range of sustainability issues.)   A 15-page paper on an aspect of productive resource stewardship that demonstrates clear understanding of the key issues and concepts associated with sustainability management must also be submitted.  (This paper can be based on a report for a semester project or a review paper assigned in one of the sustainability management classes.)

From Our Alumni

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