Urbana University is committed to incorporating the tenets of sustainability in all that we do, including our infrastructure and grounds management, academic programming, and adult and continuing education. In keeping with that commitment, Urbana University became the first university to gain recognition by the International Sustainability Council by developing a Sustainability Charter. We also developed an Urbana University Sustainability Report.

Core Beliefs

  • Sustainability calls for internalizing all costs, including those imposed on social and environmental systems, and attaining profitability.
  • A free enterprise system and governance, with leaders who are informed and embrace a stewardship ethic, best ensures sustainability.
  • Sustainable leadership is both necessary and critical to creating successful enterprises that will prevail over time. 

Sustainability Management Certificate Program

Program Description
This certificate program equips students to meet the growing demand for more efficient management of the limited resources in our world today.  In obtaining this certificate, students learn and apply principles of sustainable management of resources and opportunities based on a triple-bottom-line perspective.  They obtain and demonstrate the ability to manage trade-offs among social, economic, and environmental values and resources that are critical to the promotion of a sustainably productive future. Find out more!

Sustainability on Campus

Urbana University's newest step towards a sustainable campus is the addition of a solar panel array located behind the University's football/soccer stadium. As of November 2012, the solar panel array provides approximatelty 15% of the University's electricity needs, but more importantly shows our commitment to sustainability. View the University's current status through our Real-Time Power System Schematic.  Download our sustainability brochure to see how UU is stepping towards a sustainable future!

Sustainability Classes Offered!

UU offers two online sustainbility classes: ENV 525 and ENV 520.  To find out how you can register for these courses contact the Admissions office at 937-772-9239. 

ENV 525: Sustainable Energy and Society
This course will help you understand the field of energy science and technology, focusing on the role of energy in society and the prospects of renewable energy technologies. Energy exploitation both sustains and limits all economic and biological processes. With the approaching peak in oil production and growing concerns about climate, clean and dependable energy alternatives are becoming increasingly important to societies throughout the world. The transition to renewable energy sources offers great promise as well as many challenges during this highly dynamic and uncertain period. This course will help prepare students for the promise and the challenge of this transition. 

ENV 520: Sustainable Master Planning & Development
This course will give students background information concerning what sustainability is, how the development of a Sustainable Master Plan is a critical component for reaching the goals associated with sustainability, and what the various components are that comprise a Sustainable Master Plan. The course will provide students with the basic training necessary to create a Sustainable Master Plan that will serve as a reference for the development of a parcel of land.

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