Urbana University shall offer a liberal arts education in a small college environment emphasizing student learning through individual attention, excellence in instruction, career-oriented programs, and critical reflection on moral and ethical values.

Institutional Core Values

  • Respect for the Individual: We pledge to challenge each individual through education, while recognizing the uniqueness of everyone through attention, empathy, and encouragement. We value the dignity and worth of the communities that make up Urbana University and appreciate the different people, cultures and ideas they bring.
  • Integrity: We promote integrity through our personal and professional lives. We are committed to being fair, honest, and trustworthy, and assume responsibility for our actions, both academic and social.
  • Service: We support working in partnerships with our community, employees and students, and encourage developing a culture that emphasizes continuous improvement and professional development.
  • Lifelong Learning: We recognize creative, free, open and critical thinking as the core element of academic liberty and necessary for our students' intellectual and professional development.

From Our Faculty

"Urbana University prepares students for a lifetime of leadership and service."

-Claudia Matherly Stolz, Ph.D.
Urbana Faculty