Sustainability Management Graduate Certificate

The Sustainability Management graduate certificate program is not currently accepting new students. The program approval request for Sustainability Management has been submitted to the appropriate agencies and is awaiting final approval. For additional information, please contact the Urbana University Admissions Office.

Urbana University’s Sustainability Management Certificate is designed to meet the growing demand for business and professional leaders who can productively and sustainably manage an increasingly scarce resource base. Through five online courses, this program will give future and returning professionals a core competency with several facets of sustainable resource management, including energy and water resources, the social dimension of sustainability and tools to create and implement effective sustainability planning. 

What Will You Learn?

You will learn triple-bottom-line principles and demonstrate the ability to effectively manage trade-offs among social, economic and environmental values. In developing a practical triple-bottom-line approach to sustaining a productive enterprise, economic and social factors affecting resource demand will be emphasized along with the limits on resource availability imposed by the environment.  

You will also develop an appreciation of environmental and social capital that will help you to assess the externalities associated with productive activities and in developing strategies for working with affected stakeholders.  

With this background, you will learn how this collaboration can enhance the sustainability of productive enterprises while also optimizing free competition within an incentive-compatible regulatory framework that better reflects individual and social goals and values.

What makes Urbana’s Program Different?

  • Upon completing the graduate-level certificate, you will be prepared for leadership roles in organizations committed to sustainably productive resource use. The program also affords you the following: 
  • Balanced assessments of economic, social, personal and environmental consequences of resource uses, resource limitations, and trade-offs among costs and benefits. 
  • A pragmatic approach highlighting contributions of entrepreneurs, scientists and institutions to sustainable solutions
  • A course of study that can be completed in one semester with an option to apply credits earned toward the MBA degree.
  • The option to receive three credits for practical off-campus experience  
  • Flexible scheduling of certificate program completion from anywhere in the world  

Here’s what you can DO:

  • Director/Manager of a green business or NGO
  • Environmental Science Instructor
  • Natural or Environmental Resource Manager
  • Sustainability Analyst/Consultant
  • Sustainability Program Manager or Coordinator