Earn a Sustainability Management Certificate | Sustainability Management Certificate Program

Sustainability management focuses on providing you with an environmental science education focused on how to manage natural resources. We challenge you to take the “green” movement to the next level with a focus on assessing renewable resources and building socially responsible and economically respectful programs.

With a sustainability management certificate, you’ll learn how to conserve water, energy and more – and how to defend, protect and effectively manage these resources for optimal and appropriate use. . 

Study at Urbana U – One of the Best Colleges to Study Sustainability Management

When you study sustainability management at Urbana U, you’re getting a contemporary, relevant education. Designed to meet the needs of busy professionals, the accelerated format allows you to complete the certificate in as little as one semester and online courses provide flexible scheduling of certificate program completion from anywhere in the world — on your time, on your schedule.

What Can You Do with a Sustainability Management Certificate?

Part of the Sustainability Management certificate is to teach you to account for what resources are used and how much can be saved – both monetarily and from a natural resources standpoint.

You’ll gain skills and knowledge on how to save money that will benefit companies that are passionate about sustainability and social responsibility. The Sustainability Management certificate is a great way to build upon your bachelor's degree and tailor your education around your interests. You can also apply credits earned as part of the Sustainability Management certificate to Urbana University's MBA program.

Meet Dr. Tingting Cai | Sustainability Management Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Tingting Cai has a passion for environmental science, sustainability science and ecology. A published sustainability and ecological researcher, Dr. Cai was recently awarded two grants from the state of Ohio to work alongside nonprofits in Champaign County to encourage environmental education.