Earn an Associates in Social Services | AA in Social Services Program 

Social services is a way to better understand human behavior and concepts in psychology and sociology in relation to mental health and social services.

By earning an associate degree in social services you’ll be on your way to not only help others with their dependencies or causes but also assist them in learning why or how a choice was made—and how to prepare for what comes next.

Study at Urbana U – A Great Chioce for Social Services 

Sure, there are many options out there for someone seeking an associate’s degree in social services. You want the best college experience, which means taking advantage of Urbana’s small class sizes.

At Urbana, you’ll have the chance to not only get to know an expert in the social services field but also have one-on-one time to build a rapport and relationship with your professors. This can be very beneficial to both your college experience and your future as a social service professional.

Gain Skills for Exciting Careers with a Social Services Degree

Is there anything you can’t do with a social services major? With an associate degree in social services you are laying the groundwork for hope and positive change in society.

Graduates go on to seek bachelor’s degrees in human services leadership, sociology and more. Others immediately seek entry-level jobs helping clients in human services agencies right after graduation.

Meet Dr. Betsy Grimes| Social Services Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Grimes is a big fan of Urbana and all the University has to offer students. Professor Grimes enjoys building relationships with students and offering them a personalized learning experience that helps them thrive at Urbana and after graduation.

Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate intermediate level competence in social science.
  2. Apply social science concepts and theories in social science context.
  3. Identify function processes and availability of social science agencies.

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