Political Science Major

Political science is all about power – where it came from, who has it, who wants it, whether they use it or abuse it – and ultimately, how to protect, share or acquire it. Majoring in political science provides you with the skills and knowledge to lead within various systems of government in today’s highly global political environment. 

You’ll learn to link political science theory with practical problems while learning from faculty who are passionate about providing you with a modernized, applicable course of study. You’ll refine your views, discover your voice and develop the confidence and courage needed to inspire change in the world.

Study at Urbana U – A Great Choice for Political Science

When you study political science at Urbana you’ll have a front row seat to a new kind of education. With small class sizes, Urbana gives you the opportunity to have a one-on-one rapport with your political science professors and peers – all in a familiar and friendly environment for healthy debate.

At Urbana, you can take part in important opportunities on campus during election season, and even participate and get involved with the Social Sciences club and Student Government Association to apply skills from the classroom. Our advanced courses will give you research experiences to push the boundaries of your foundational education at Urbana.

Gain Skills for Careers with your B.A. in Political Science

As a Political Science major you can do just about anything you set your mind to. You can become a campaign operative, lobbyist or public affairs research analyst – or even pursue a career in government relations.

Take your degree to the next level by going on to graduate school or law school after graduation. You may even decide to run for office. Whatever your goals, Urbana’s program gives you the tools you need for a rewarding political science career.

Meet Professor Ryan Enlow | Political Science Faculty Spotlight

Professor Ryan Enlow has modernized Urbana’s approach to teaching political science. A former high school history and geography teacher and coach, Professor Enlow prides himself on simplifying complexities and engaging students by tying political science theory to real-world situations and examples. 

Program Outcomes

  1. Gain basic knowledge of the institutional structure of government in the United States. Students will also gain familiarity with current theories of politics in the United States Both Internally and through the projection of American Hegemony abroad.
  2. Understand general theories and cases of comparative politics in societies outside the United States.
  3. Understand and be able to interrelate the leading theories, literature, and approaches in the subfields of American Government, political theory and methods; international relations
  4. Be conversant with the major debates and solutions to the problems of political order and the social good as found in the Western tradition of political philosophy.
  5. Gain facility in consistently expressing political discourse and theoretical proficiencies through scholarly writing encompassing accepted methods of qualitative and quantitative research; analysis in the social sciences.
  6. Become acquainted with the requirements for entry into graduate degree studies in Political Science, related social sciences and the study of Jurisprudence.
  7. Understand and be able to interrelate the leading theories, literature, and approaches in the subfields of American Government, political theory and methods, international relations, and comparative politics


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