Major in Philosophy and Religious Studies | BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies Degree Program

Philosophy and religious studies explores the vast religious and philosophical history and traditions of our world. You’ll study and compare different schools of thought for a broad-based understanding of minds, faiths and cultures.

With a philosophy and religious studies major, you’ll gain understanding of these histories and traditions and define your own philosophical and religious worldviews. You’re already a deep thinker, but we’ll encourage you to go even deeper – to become an agent of understanding and positive change.

Study at Urbana U – A Great Option for Philosophy and Religious Studies

Majoring in philosophy and religious studies at Urbana can be an eye-opening experience, giving you the skills to think deeply and critically in the classroom and onward to your career. Your educational experience will rival those of both religion majors and philosophy majors at other schools because of the personalized attention you’ll receive from faculty.

At Urbana you have the flexibility to choose courses for the career path you want. Philosophy and Religious Studies classes will enable you to be a part of something greater. You’ll apply your learning in your capstone project, student government activities and more.

Gain Skills for Exciting Careers with a Philosophy and Religious
Studies Degree

Equipped with a major in philosophy and religious studies, you might transition into roles like historian, researcher, writer, minister, lobbyist and more. 

Other Urbana graduates move to graduate school or law school, as your degree puts you at an advantage for higher education. As a critical thinker who is focused on the global citizenship of all people, you’ll be well equipped for a vibrant and fulfilling career path.

Meet Dr. Sylvia Bryant | Philosophy and Religious Studies 
Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Sylvia Bryant received her training in philosophy in Vienna, Austria – the city of great thinkers such as Husserl and Freud. Dr. Bryant’s research interests include political philosophy and ethics.

Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate critical awareness of the world’s major religious and philosophical positions.
  2. Apply religious and philosophical thoughts to societal issues.
  3. Demonstrate critical analytical skills in comparing religious and philosophical thoughts.

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