Mathematics Major

Bachelor of Science Degree

The Mathematics major prepares you for entry into the quantitative professions in government, industry and education as well as entry into graduate school. As a student in the major, you will have ample opportunity to enhance your preparation for your chosen career by complementing the Mathematics major with electives in computing, science and business. Among the many career choices for graduates with a liberal arts degree in Mathematics are business, education, science, computing, actuary work and statistics.

Program Outcomes

  1. Explain the deductive framework used in mathematics, and illustrate its use by stating and proving theorems from several areas of mathematics.
  2. Apply mathematical methods of analysis and deduction to investigate fundamental mathematical structures such as groups, graphs, the real line, vector spaces, and topological spaces)
  3. Demonstrate a good understanding of the principles and concepts of mathematics through the spoken and written word.
  4. Evaluate mathematical claims and analyses as presented in popular and professional formats
  5. Solve problems by applying comprehensive mathematical knowledge from various branches of mathematics
  6. Write and present a comprehensive research project illustrating the informed application of knowledge and skills.
  7. Apply knowledge and analytical skills I to the successfully complete  a nationally normed comprehensive test