Liberal Studies Associate’s Degree

Liberal studies is a way to attain equal parts of knowledge from several different fields of study to move forward with a well-equipped set of skills for any situation. As a liberal studies associate’s degree major, you’ll explore different facets of contemporary American life and broaden your horizons toward a global perspective.

With Urbana’s Liberal Studies associate degree, you’ll not only be prepared for a number of entry level careers in just two years, but you’ll also have a core knowledge to transfer into a bachelor’s degree program with confidence.

Study at Urbana U – A Great Choice for Liberal Studies

Whether you plan to go on to pursue a bachelor’s degree or you’re just getting started in college, Urbana offers an intimate learning environment with the courses you need to complete your liberal studies program at your own pace.

At Urbana you will find that possibility is crafted into something tangible and achievable. With a ready-set-go approach, Urbana takes you from the classroom to the workplace with all the tools you need to be successful.

What Can I Do With A Liberal Studies Degree?

An associate of arts degree in liberal studies can be the ticket to success as you define it, laying a strong educational foundation for the profession of your choice.

Our graduates transfer easily into different bachelor’s degree programs or slide right into an entry-level career with an outstanding skill set in writing, history and more.

Program Outcomes

  1. Able to reason critically, analyze and solve problems objectively, and think creatively.
  2. Proficient in written and oral communication.
  3. Able to think critically about their own personal moral and ethical values as well as societal values.
  4. Well prepared for employment or advancement in their career.
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