History Major

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Put Your Curiosity to Work

If you are a curious person who questions not only what happened, but also how and why it happened, – history is a great major for you.

History majors are trained to think carefully and critically, to process and analyze information, to look for the underlying causes and explanations of events, and to be aware of the importance of diverse cultural backgrounds. These skills are essential to success in many areas of life, and many employers find history majors to be attractive employees because they have mastered these skills.

Here’s what you’ll LEARN:

You’ll be required to complete basic surveys of U.S. history and world civilizations, a survey of Ohio history, and several upper division electives, as well as a senior seminar. Elective courses include surveys of U.S. social and cultural history, U.S. women’s history, and modern imperialism in a global context. Additionally, field experience with a local historical society or museum is not required, but it’s an extremely valuable opportunity.

Some of the local agencies providing internship opportunities include the Johnny Appleseed Education Center & Museum, Champaign County Historical Museum, Piatt Castles, Clark County Historical Society and the National Museum of the United States Air Force.

Here’s what you can DO:

  • Archivist
  • Historical Interpreter/Researcher
  • Legislative Staffer
  • Library Assistant
  • Writer/Editor

Program Outcomes

  1. Develop an understanding of the dynamics of historical change and continuity through the use of event chronology and periodization.
  2. Demonstrate the abilities to make a persuasive argument and to read with critical understanding.
  3. Apply analytical skills to identification and interpretation of historical sources.
  4. Evidence an understanding that interpretations based upon the findings of recognized scholars and numerous primary sources are still subject to reexamination and revision.
  5. Make analytic comparisons of secondary source authors that treat the same or similar events (historiography).

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