General Management Major

Bachelor of Science Degree

Make Any Business Your Business

If you know that the business world is where you belong, there’s no better choice than the General Management major to help you get a good grasp on the big picture. This major allows you to learn about how businesses are operated and how management can enhance the operations of the business. 

By majoring in General Management you’ll be well-prepared to work in large and small organizations, with for-profit and nonprofit entities and in any industry. If graduate school is part of your plan, the General Management coursework is a good foundation for MBA studies.

Here’s what you’ll LEARN:

Your coursework provides a broad approach to general management. You will begin your studies in business with an interrelated sequence of business-oriented courses in the basic principles of accounting, business law, economics, computer science, statistics, management, marketing and finance. Building upon basic knowledge, you will have more advanced courses in quantitative methods, business ethics, operations management, human resource management and report writing, as well as a business seminar.

The distinctive part of the General Management major focuses on management courses in the functional areas of business: finance, human resources, strategy, operations and marketing. In addition, you’ll study human behavior within an organization, as well as organizational development.

Here’s what you can DO:

  • Account Executive
  • Entrepreneur
  • General Manager
  • Purchaser
  • Small Business Owner

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will possess a clear understanding of the relationship between the functional areas of business
  2. Students will be proficient in the use of technology common to business practices
  3. Students will gain an understanding on how  to communicate and act in a professional manner
  4. Students will be able to operate in a team building environment and interact with other business students
  5. Students will be able to think critically in business situations
  6. Students will be able to apply theory and organize solutions to business related problems

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