Family Studies Major

Bachelor of Science Degree

The American family has undergone significant change in the past 50 years, resulting in increasingly complex family forms, greater vulnerability of families and difficulties establishing and maintaining family structures. These changes have also created difficulties in relating families and family members to social structures in greater society and also create barriers to access for critical services.

The Family Studies major will develop your knowledge in family functioning and your understanding of the family and its members from a holistic and ecological approach. You will understand how the needs of families and individuals are addressed through the linking of family research and theory to the provision of services, the creation of policy, and the administration of educational programs for families and individuals.
A multidisciplinary major, Family Studies provides you with a wide array of skills and a broad base of knowledge to enable you to work with individuals, families or systems in areas such as social services, government and community programs.

Program Outcomes

  1. Describe the broad discipline of Family Studies
  2. Discuss the relationship of Family Studies with other social science disciplines.
  3. Apply the principles, concepts, and theories of the issue problems, and concerns of family and individuals in families.
  4. Demonstrate fundamentals and critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities.
  5. Identify agencies and support services available to families.
  6. Identify the legal and financial issues guiding the social science agencies.

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