Exercise Science Degree Program

Fitness isn’t just for athletes. Physical activity is a key component of mental and physical wellness for everybody. 

An exercise science degree gives broad exposure to courses in fitness, health, nutrition, motor control and movement science, exercise physiology and the psychology of sports and exercise. 

Join Urbana's Exercise Science Team

At Urbana, you’ll have access to exercise science faculty members who are eager to share the breadth of their experience with you. Urbana is great at applied exercise science and regularly receives referrals from other schools. It’s a rigorous program and you’ll be challenged.

Our Exercise Science students learn fundamentals and then apply them in real world experiences by training faculty, staff and students at our health and wellness centers. Moreover, our internship program is the conduit for students to gain valuable experiential learning leading to industry exposure and employment. 

Train for the Field of Exercise Science

With the aging population and concerns over health, nutrition and disease pervading society, exercise science professionals inspire, motivate and equip people to work toward wellness.

An Exercise Science degree prepares students for work as instructors, directors and trainers in hospitals, corporate fitness centers, rehabilitation programs, community recreation centers, health clubs, gyms, fitness centers and even geriatric facilities. Other pathways point to sales or management positions with corporations focused on sports nutrition, weight control, fitness equipment, fitness apparel and footwear.  

Meet Don Moxley | Faculty Spotlight

Don Moxley is an educator with an entrepreneurial mindset. His background in education, business ownership and consulting – combined with more than 30 years of focus on exercise science – make him uniquely suited for his role at Urbana University.

Program Outcomes

  1. The graduate will be able to evaluate physiological status of client using tests of cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and body composition.  The graduate will be able to explain to clients’ processes and behaviors for changing physiological status
  2. The graduate will be able to analyze clients’ ability to move, design programs for modifying movement profiles.
  3. The graduates will be able to identify different behavioral change techniques, choose appropriate behavioral change strategies.
  4. The graduates will be able to describe and locate different types of technology that can be used for assessment and communication of important physiological and physical literacy characteristics.
  5. The graduate will be able to define the scientific process, describe its application to the science of exercise.


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