English Degree Program

English helps to expose you to a vast selection of important literature while developing critical thinking, writing, reading and communication skills. You’ll gain an appreciation for the stories of many people throughout history, and you’ll learn how they relate to your world today.

With an English major, you’ll develop a deep understanding of literary works. You’ll explore themes, forms and genres as well as cultural history, theoretical approaches to interpretation, literary movements and more. You’ll learn how to analyze thoroughly, think critically and communicate effectively and with confidence.

Study at Urbana U – Learn What to Do with an English Degree

When you study English at Urbana you’ll get to take a literary journey. You’ll embark on a new pathway to education and critical thinking where you’re able to literally write your own story.

At Urbana, you can share what you’ve learned through opportunities such as tutoring in the Success Center or work in the library to polish your research skills.

Gain Skills for Exciting Careers with an English Degree Program

Our English majors go on to achieve great things. You will be able to translate your critical thinking, writing, research and analytical skills learned at Urbana into jobs like a content specialist, technical writer, copywriter and more.

After graduation, you can build on the breadth of your writing or reading skills and go on to graduate school to hone in on the career of your choice.

Meet Professor Tom Smith | English Faculty Spotlight

Professor Tom Smith has a passion for interacting with his students and sharing with them all Urbana has to offer. When he’s not shaping minds through the brilliant works of Emily Dickinson and more, Professor Smith enjoys reading science fiction literature.

Program Outcomes

  1. Working knowledge of historical periods and literary movements in British, American, and World literatures.
  2. Familiarity with major authors and works in the British, American, and World traditions.
  3. Strong skills in written and oral communication in English, including history, grammar, and usage.
  4. Familiarity with contemporary and past critical methodologies in literary studies.
  5. Well-developed research, critical thinking, and analytical skills.
  6. Knowledge of major literary genres and conventions.


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