M.Ed. Program

Master of Education in Classroom Teaching

The M.Ed. program is not currently enrolling new students. For additional information, please contact the Urbana University Admissions Office.

Education has contributed to sustaining our democratic form of government and in providing individual opportunity and social mobility. Recognizing the need for an educated citizenry, Thomas Jefferson wrote: “No other sure foundation can be devised for the preservation of freedom and happiness.” Throughout our history as a nation, the interdependence of school and society has been continually reaffirmed. In recent years, numerous reports, study groups and commissions have called for changes in teacher education programs. Urbana University recognizes the need for these changes and will engage in, support, and reinforce efforts to improve teacher education programs for prospective, as well as veteran teachers seeking to update their knowledge and skills.

As a student in the Master of Education program, Urbana University is committed to offering you the opportunity to:

  • Seek self-realization in accordance with your capacities.
  • Develop effective vocational and professional competencies.
  • Prepare you for responsible participation as members of local, regional, national and international communities.
  • Recognizing its obligations to the region it serves, the University seeks to serve by:
  • Cultivating within and beyond the University those qualities needed by an educated citizenry to meet the challenges and responsibilities of societal living.
  • Providing its students with useful knowledge and skills for careers leading to effective service in our society.
  • By increased involvement of faculty and students in the life of the community as sponsors of clinics, workshops, and in-service training; as active participants in community programs as professional consultants.
  • Sharing instructional and cultural benefits offered on an off the campus by its own staff and visiting scholars and artists.

The assumptions of the graduate teacher education program at Urbana University are:

  • Teaching is a complex human endeavor guided by knowledge that is both scientific and artistic. Utilizing a knowledge base acquired through study, research, and practice, teachers continually make complex decisions about the curriculum, students, and instruction. Teachers must be able to determine what knowledge is of most worth to young people of different ages and how that knowledge is best taught and mastered.
  • Professional educators must understand educational and social issues that confront today’s schools and be able to communicate these to parents and interested citizens. Teachers are professionals and not merely technicians following directions in a teaching manual. Teachers play an extremely important role in the development and evaluation of curriculum.
  • Teacher education is a continuing process of career development and refinement which is a shared responsibility of school districts, higher education, professional organizations, and the state. Efforts should continue to develop a systematic approach to evaluation, feedback support, and career development opportunities for new and veteran classroom teachers. The dialogue and commitment between the university and schools must be significantly strengthened and maintained. A closer working relationship is essential for the development and evaluation of effective teacher education programs as well as school programs. Teachers and school administrators have a right to expect support from and access to an organized educational framework providing structure for the systematic study of a body of knowledge.
  • Community resources must be explored, developed, and used to effectively supplement and enrich the teacher’s role in fulfilling professional responsibilities. While there may be developed alternative educational programs, the school will continue to be the focal point of education in our society.

It is the desire of the trustees, administration and faculty of Urbana University, that the Master of Education program be successful and valuable to graduate students who enroll and to their school community where they fulfill their professional responsibilities.