Criminal Justice Administration
Graduate Program

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration 

Law enforcement. Crime prevention. Corrections. Juvenile justice. Victims’ services. Individuals who work within a criminal justice system have a profound impact on individuals and communities. If you are driven to make a difference, the M.A. in Criminal Justice Administration (CJA) is a valuable investment in your future that will prepare you to take on additional responsibilities within your agency, teach and train aspiring criminal justice professionals, or study at the doctoral level.

You’ll benefit from the field experiences of the CJA faculty members who bring real-world examples into the classroom to enrich your learning. Your Organizational Behavior course, a unique requirement of the Urbana CJA, will furnish you with the fundamental understanding of how an organization operates, so you’ll be able to maneuver effectively in support of any initiative. Another distinctive aspect of the program is that equal consideration is given to victims through the inclusion of a required course in Victimology.

The CJA will broaden and deepen your management and leadership expertise. The master's program is designed to build and sharpen the practical skills necessary to achieve your goals. As a student you can expect relevant coursework that provides you with hands-on opportunities, in which you will develop an agency budget, create plans to prevent crime and reduce criminal victimization, and write a grant application. At the end of your study, you will demonstrate your new-found mastery by formulating a solution to a specific policy issue or problem, or choose to develop training on the topic of your choice.

You’ll take classes 100% online. Your first class will lay the groundwork for success in graduate school and help you to adapt to the online learning environment. Best of all: You can finish your master’s degree in one year.

What Will You Learn?

The CJA program at Urbana is a 30-credit hour program that offers a comprehensive examination of criminal justice systems, an exploration of criminal and delinquent behaviors, a foundation in research and statistics, theories of victimization, and an opportunity to explore other relevant topics of interest to the student. Courses include:

  • Introduction to the CJA Program
  • Criminal Justice Administration and Management
  • Statistics and Research Methods for Criminal Justice
  • Professional Decision Making
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Ethical and Legal Issues for Criminal Justice Managers
  • Criminal Behavior and Crime Prevention
  • Victimology       
  • Grant Writing
  • Criminal Justice Administration Project *
  • Criminal Justice Administration Curriculum Development *

*Students choose either the project or the curriculum development option.

Program Outcomes

  1. Apply criminal justice theories to the development of effective and sustainable criminal justice programs.
  2. Identify the general structure of criminal justice agencies.
  3. Demonstrate writing and research skills that will assist in securing funding to sustain and expand criminal justice programming.
  4. Evaluate critical issues in criminal justice administration and management.
  5. Develop policies and procedures relevant to the administration and management of criminal justice agencies.

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