Major in Criminal Justice | BS in
Criminal Justice

The study of criminology and the criminal justice system explores all aspects of crime, law, the justice system and the agencies and programs designed to prevent and control crime such as law enforcement, courts, prisons, probation and security. 

It is a field that focuses on all parties impacted by criminal behavior: the law enforcement offices that investigate criminal activity, the correctional entities responsible for administering sanctions prescribed by courts and the victims who share a voice in the administration of justice.

Study at Urbana U – A Strong Reputation in Criminal Justice

Urbana University offers a Criminal Justice degree program where professors take criminal justice theories and apply them to modern-day criminal justice practice. Close communication with criminal justice system entities allows Urbana to create new classes or fine tune current offerings to maintain-cutting edge practices.

Urbana’s Criminal Justice program has a strong reputation throughout various criminal justice agencies. Because of this, our students have the opportunity to gain experience through 15 different internship organizations.

Train for a Challenging Criminal Justice Career

The field of criminal justice offers a variety of career paths at the local, state and federal levels. Employment opportunities can be found in areas of law enforcement, corrections, security, victim advocacy, health and social service agencies, and crime prevention. 

Meet Karen Benton | Faculty Spotlight

Karen Benton believes that criminal justice professors should have experience as criminal justice professionals in order to connect theories with practice. With over 20 years working in positions such as probation officer and Director of Diversion Programming for Clark County Juvenile Court, Benton shows the importance of bringing the real world into the classroom.

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will compare the correlation between classroom instruction and the field of criminal justice
  2. Students will demonstrate the knowledge necessary to enter the criminal justice profession
  3. Students will identify problems with diverse societal groups
  4. Students will recognize criminal justice theoretical underpinnings
  5. Students will demonstrate a general understanding of victimization

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