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The curriculum at Urbana University is designed to reflect the values of liberal arts and career education.

Many courses and programs are directed toward acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attitudes appropriate to pursue selected careers.

Degree programs are designed to provide the basic preparation for a career. The entire curriculum reflects an emphasis on personal development, an emphasis directly related to the University‘s historic commitment to liberal education. This approach to learning seeks to broaden the perspective of an individual toward his or her career while also providing an intellectual foundation for personal development through life. Specific academic degree requirements are determined by the College in which the major program resides.

  • Liberally educated persons need to be able to express their thoughts effectively in writing and in speech.
  • Liberally educated persons should have exposure to the scientific method of experimentation and logical reasoning provided through science and mathematics courses.
  • Liberally educated persons will reflect critically on fundamental values of human existence in the global community, giving rise to their own personal development and to an understanding and appreciation of values different from their own. This will further enable them to function effectively and responsibly in an open society.
  • Liberally educated persons need to have an understanding of the society in which they live and of individual relationships in society.

College of Arts & Sciences

Oak Hall
Phone: 937-484-1318
Fax: 937-484-1317
College of Arts & Sciences Employees

College of Business Administration

Moore Math & Science Center
Phone: 937-484-1340
Fax: 937-484-1343

College of Education & Sports Studies

North Hall
Phone: 937-484-1340
Fax: 937-484-1365

The College of Education and Sports Studies provides programs of study in professional programs including teacher preparation and sport studies.

NCATE Evidence Room

College of Nursing & Allied Health

Phone: 937-328-9610
Fax: 937-328-8668

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Losch Hall
Phone: 937-484-1318
Fax: 937-484-1317
College of Social & Behavioral Sciences Employees

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences encompasses a wide variety of academic disciplines from which students may select a program.


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