College of Nursing and Allied Health

Undergraduate Programs

Associate Degree Programs in Allied Health

Through the Allied Health Education Consortium of Northwest Ohio, Urbana University currently offers the following associate's degrees:

General education and science courses needed to complete the associate degree are taken from Urbana University. Professional courses are available via distance learning at the Urbana University Main Campus. Once professional courses begin, students transfer to Rhodes State College and are required to travel to Lima every other week to engage in supervised laboratory classes on that campus. Clinical experiences are arranged with local healthcare agencies in the Springfield/Urbana area.

It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to obtain an associate degree in one of several high demand allied health fields. Apply today!

From Our Alumni

"What would I tell today's students about business? I would tell them that rather than competing they should be creating. Open your minds and think the unthinkable and then make your goods or services become a unique reality for your customers.  Do something different than everyone else is doing.  Create!"

-Martin J. Radošević
Class of '98, 2000 MBA