Department of Teacher Education

The Teacher Education Unit Mission: Preparing educators who welcome all learners, expect high outcomes, and inspire greatness from all students. 

These persons will be evaluated to ensure they have the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values which will enable them to help children/youth, adolescents, and adults learn and think about, as well as understand, the many facets of the people and things of the world surrounding them. A life-long desire to continue learning, thinking, and understanding will be instilled in graduates.  All students admitted to Urbana University may apply for admission to the Department of Teacher Education.  To be considered for admission to the programs, to be retained in the programs, and to receive the University’s recommendations for licensure, all Teacher Education Program policies, procedures, and deadlines must be followed and met.

From Our Alumni

"What I loved about Urbana University right away was the class size.  It became like a support group and we worked through the troubles of life and class together."

-Michelle Lane
Class of ‘02