Healthcare Administration MBA

Make a Difference in Healthcare

Urbana University has created a Healthcare MBA to address the growing business needs of healthcare professionals. The program has been designed specifically for individuals working in the healthcare industry, including medical doctor (MD) students.

This program is offered 100% online to meet the demands of busy schedules, and prospective MD students may begin their MBA coursework prior to beginning their MD studies. 

Why Earn an MBA?

Some advantages of earning an MBA alongside your medical degree include:

  • Higher starting salary – MD/MBAs have nearly a starting salary of nearly $100,000 more than their MD-only colleagues
  • MD students will find an MBA is an advantage on residency applications
  • Confidence to discuss important healthcare topics with patients and administrators
  • Essential business skills to run a successful practice
  • Network with other healthcare professionals who are also pursuing an MBA
  • Provide exceptional patient care through good management of the healthcare system
  • Since Urbana University is a regionally accredited university, eligible students who take at least one course every other 12-week term are welcome to apply for Title IV Federal Aid. This aid may include tuition for the MBA classes and funds for living expenses while pursuing the MBA.

Program Highlights

  • Delivered entirely online – complete courses from anywhere
  • Customized course sequences designed exclusively for healthcare professionals to meet career objectives 
  • Healthcare-focused business courses
  • Small class sizes – each course will not exceed 30 students
  • Program consists of nine, 12-week courses
  • Complete the program in as little as 2.5 years part time, or take up to five years to better accommodate your schedule
  • High-quality academic advising online, over the phone, and on location at select medical schools
  • No GMAT, GRE or MAT test required

AUA students please note:

  • AUA MED 5 and higher students, who did not complete a bachelor’s degree prior to entry to AUA, may apply for an AUA bachelor’s degree. Request a degree audit from AUA Registrar's office
  • On approval of the AUA bachelor's degree, request official AUA transcripts from Ms. Janet James. Include in your correspondence that the request is for the affiliate Healthcare MBA to ensure charges are waived for the AUA transcript request.

Course Dates and Application Deadlines 

There are four terms per year each term is approximately 12 weeks. Students may begin in any term, but please apply and register early, as classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Start Date Select in Application Last day to Apply Course End Date
April 6, 2015 Spring (January) March 27, 2015 June 26, 2015

Please note: Applying before the deadline does not guarantee financial aid will be processed in time for the class. Apply as early as possible to ensure substantial time to process financial aid and that seats remain in the class.

Instructions to Apply (for AUA students and AUA applicants) 

1. Complete the online application

  • Fill in only the boxes with a * and your SSN if you have one. You do not need to pay the application fee. Urbana will use the information including personal statement and letters of recommendation from your AUA Admission file where available.
  • Select "Healthcare MBA."
  • See course dates for the appropriate term.

 2. Release your AUA admissions file to Urbana University

  • Fax the FERPA release form to: (917) 677-7166 (cover page not necessary); or scan (or photograph) and email:
  • For a PDF form that may be digitally signed, email:
  • You will receive a confirmation of receipt of the FERPA form within two business days. If you do not get a confirmation, resend the form and email Danielle Hermon (

AUA will make every effort to provide your AUA admission file to Urbana. Occasionally, admission documents are purged from student records and are no longer available. You will be notified of missing documents and you will be required to collect and send those required documents directly to Urbana in the event they are not included in the AUA file.

Admission decisions are sent via email and will be determined 2-3 weeks following a completed application file. 

3.  Apply for financial aid (if seeking financial aid)

  • Fill out (or update) the FAFSA form: Include Urbana code 003133 on the application. Immediately apply for financial aid; DO NOT WAIT FOR A DECISION. Non-U.S. citizens are welcome to enroll in the program but might not be eligible for U.S. Federal Student loans (see for additional information).

4. Request that your official transcripts from all undergraduate colleges be sent directly to Urbana University

  • Urbana will use documents on file at AUA to make an initial decision but all students are required to submit official undergraduate transcripts directly to Urbana for accreditation purposes.
  • All students must have official undergraduate transcripts on file prior to the end of their first MBA course.  
  • If you are the recipient of an AUA or KMCIC bachelor's degree, you must request that your official AUA or KMCIC transcripts be sent to Urbana.

Direct transcripts to:

Urbana University
ATTN: Jodie Walker
579 College Way
Urbana, OH 43078 USA

Emailed transcripts to are acceptable only if the issuing institution participates in an electronic email service.

 5. Once accepted:

Following submission of program plan you will be automatically registered for your first course. Login information will be sent to you via email about two weeks prior to the start of the course

Instructions to Apply (from a non-partner school)

1. Complete the online application

  • Select "Healthcare MBA."
  • See course dates for the appropriate term.

2. Request that your official transcripts from all undergraduate colleges be sent directly to Urbana University

3. Where available email unofficial transcripts to Danielle Hermon:

These will be used to make an initial decision, however, official transcripts are required for all registered students.

4. Send official transcripts to:

Urbana University
ATTN: Jodie Walker
579 College Way
Urbana, OH 43078 USA

  • Emailed transcripts to are acceptable only if the issuing institution participates in an electronic email service.
  • Transcripts from institutions outside of the United States will require a WES evaluation prior to consideration.
  • Supplemental admission documents include résumé, personal statement and three letters of reference in application. 

5. Once accepted:

  • Email your program plan and start date to
  • Following submission of your program plan, you will be automatically registered for your first course.
  • Login information will be sent to you via email about two weeks prior to the start of the course.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Where do I send my undergraduate transcripts?

Urbana University
ATTN: Jodie Walker
579 College Way
Urbana, OH 43078 USA

If your college participates in an electronic transcript program, those may be emailed from that service to:

Q: How many classes are required to complete the program?
Nine courses. Each course is four credits.

Q: How long is each term?
Each term is approximately 12 weeks

Q: How long does the program take to complete?
Four terms are offered per year, if you take one class per term you can complete the program in 2.5 years. Most students will take one course every other term (12 weeks on and 12 weeks off) through basic sciences and take fewer breaks during clinical rotations to complete the program in four years.

Q: Can I take time off during the program?
Yes! You can take up to five years to complete the program from the time you start. If you need to take a term or two off you will not be eligible for a loan for that term, however, your loans from your MBA won’t go into repayment as long as your time off does not extend more than six consecutive months.

Q: I was accepted for December but I want to start in March. Is that okay?
Yes! Just send an email to Danielle:

Q: I applied. Now what?

  • Submit a release form
  • Update your FAFSA
  • Wait for a decision and then login information
  • Email Danielle for your application status at any time:

Q: How many credits do I have to plan to take to be eligible for Financial Aid?
Four credits every other MBA term.

Q: I am a science major. Can I still participate?
Yes! The program is designed for non-business majors. All students begin with a Business Foundations course that paves the way for the rest of the program. 

Q: I go to Davenport/Phoenix/Plymouth/Walden. Can I transfer?
Yes! Transfer credit will be awarded for successfully completed MBA classes at another school. Once an application is submitted, email an unofficial master’s transcript to Danielle Hermon ( for advanced standing consideration.

Q: I need academic advising!
Email John Thomas: to ask a question or set up an appointment.

Q: When can I expect my reimbursement loan check?
The Urbana Business Office will mail reimbursement checks three weeks after the start of the term to a U.S. address you designate in your FAFSA.

Q: Will my grades from MBA affect my standing/GPA at my medical school?
No, the programs are separate. Academic standing at your medical school will not affect eligibility in the MBA and vice versa.

Q: Are all the classes online?
Yes. Graduates of the MBA program will be invited to Commencement ceremonies in Urbana, Ohio upon completion of their degree. There may be optional onsite course options in Antigua. 

Q: How do I register for my second term?
New students will be registered for the foundation course on receipt of a program plan. Returning students should contact Danielle Hermon at for registration instructions.

Q: Can I talk to AUA students currently enrolled in the program?
Yes. Contact your SGA leaders, or visit the student-run Facebook page.

Contact Information:

Financial Aid 
TEL: (937) 772-9251

Application Status and Program Planning
Danielle Hermon 
TEL: (603) 892-6881
FAX: (917) 677-7166 

Academic Advising
Kelly Evans-Wilson
TEL (937) 772-9231

Business Office (to update the address of your loan check)
April Reisinger
TEL (937) 772-1329 

From Our Alumni

"What would I tell today's students about business? I would tell them that rather than competing they should be creating. Open your minds and think the unthinkable and then make your goods or services become a unique reality for your customers.  Do something different than everyone else is doing.  Create!"

-Martin J. Radošević
Class of '98, 2000 MBA