Executive Track MBA

Experience a different way of life.


Come into contact with a different way of life by actually living the American language and culture while earning your graduate degree at Urbana University.

来厄巴纳大学学习美國語言经历美國文化的同時, 取得厄巴纳大学的研究生學位.

Through Urbana University's Chinese Student Executive Track MBA program, you can earn an MBA degree in just 12 short months! Students take three core MBA classes per semester and attend, over the academic year, nine two-day, one-credit-hour weekend workshops.

通过厄巴纳大学的中国学生经理速成MBA课程,你可以在短短12个月内 取得MBA学位!学生们每学期上三门核心MBA课,在学年内参加九次两天 长的周末讲座(一个学分).

Our experienced faculty members gain the input of industry experts to develop courses with relevant concepts our students use right away-at work and in life.

我们的经验丰富的教师获得行业专家的意见来开发有关的课程. 这些相关概念可让我们的学生 在工作和生活 马上使用.

The program utilizes a wide variety of guest lecturers with national and international reputations in the many disciplines of leadership, business, government, education, sustainability, and global issues.

该课程邀请多行业的客座讲师,他们来自多领域学科 与行业的领导, 包括企业, 政府, 教育, 可持续发展, 以 及全球性问题. 他们是享有国家和国际声誉的专家。

Applicants must have five years' work experience, bachelor's degree, proficient in the English language (identified by score of 550 or greater on the TOEFL test), and three professional letters of recommendation.


  •  五年工作经验
  •  本科学历
  •  英语水平好
  •  三封专业推荐信
  •  托福考试分数 线550

For more information on the MBA Executive Track Program, contact:

Xue "Paulette" Zhang 张雪
International Admissions Counselor 国际学生招生辅导员

Adele International Exchange Cultural Center is the authorized recruiting agent for this program, contact:

Yu, Qingqing, Executive Manager
Friendship Hotel, #1 North St.
Zhongguancun, Beijing 100873



From Our Alumni

"Urbana U is a special place for me. Enjoy every minute, Class of 2015!!!"

-Patrica Perry
Class of '73