Business Management Major

Bachelor of Science Degree

Business management touches almost every aspect of modern day operations and functions in the business world. That’s why business management is among the most popular fields of study and graduates are highly sought out in the working world.

Pursuing a business degree at Urbana University means that you have the option to study many business functions. It also means you are exposed to a variety of hands-on applications and skills – all of which are taught by our professors who have real world business experience and professional credentials.

What will I study and learn?

The curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers in marketing, accounting or other management-related positions. Courses challenge you to apply what you learn and strengthen your decision-making skills in order to be successful in the business world.

The degree requirements integrate a variety of liberal arts courses in combination with a strong sequence of career-oriented business courses. The business courses emphasize specific elements that are involved in making effective business decisions. You’ll also choose a concentration area within a specialized field in order to focus your study and customize the major to your career aspirations. The liberal arts courses will help you to develop personal values, communication and critical thinking skills, and an appreciation of the global imperatives of business and commerce.

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will possess a clear understanding of the relationship between the functional areas of business
  2. Students will be proficient in the use of technology common to business practices
  3. Students will gain an understanding on how  to communicate and act in a professional manner
  4. Students will be able to operate in a team building environment and interact with other business students
  5. Students will be able to think critically in business situations
  6. Students will be able to apply theory and organize solutions to business related problems

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