BS in Agribusiness | Agribusiness Major

The Agribusiness program is not currently accepting new students, pending program approval by the Ohio Board of Regents. For additional information, please contact the Urbana University Admissions Office.

If you have been active in 4-H or FFA and would like to work in the industry related to transforming agricultural products for the marketplace, this is the major for you. Value-added agribusiness provides many high-paying jobs in a familiar environment.

Agribusinesses are corporations that produce, process, distribute and sell food and other agricultural products after they leave the farm – in both domestic and international markets. And, as the world population continues to grow, this will be a global market for years to come.

An Agriculture Degree Program Hand Picked for You –
Urbana University

You won’t find the mentoring experience available to you as an Urbana U student in any other Agribusiness program. Being a small college in a rural farming community, Urbana is uniquely suited to educate you in the farm-to-table process. At Urbana, you’ll have access to faculty members who are eager to share the breadth of their experience with you.  

Our Agribusiness program teaches you the fundamentals – and lets you roll up your sleeves and put that knowledge into practice with valuable field experiences. With farms close at hand, rural Urbana, Ohio is the perfect setting to learn this business.

Grow Your Skills for a Career in Agricultural Economics 

The Agribusiness major at Urbana University offers the opportunity to blend the fundamentals of agribusiness – economics, management, marketing, sales and entrepreneurship – with natural resource management, food systems and production. You’ll learn about maintaining a balance between environmental protection and profitable business.  

You’ll get hands-on farm experience and choose related courses in crop and animal science, international trade and agricultural policy. You will learn decision-making skills vital to manufacturing, processing, transportation, sales and international trade and learn how technology is changing this rapidly expanding field.

Meet Dr. Jeffrey Kalbus, Dean of the College of Professional and Applied Studies | Faculty Spotlight 

After a 25-year career with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Dr. Jeffrey Kalbus knows firsthand that agribusiness is more than a relevant course of study for Urbana students, it gives them the opportunity to contribute in a very meaningful way to the economy of our county, state and region.  

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will possess a clear understanding of the relationship between the functional areas of business

  2. Students will be proficient in the use of technology common to business practices

  3. Students will gain an understanding on how  to communicate and act in a professional manner

  4. Students will be able to operate in a team building environment and interact with other business students

  5. Students will be able to think critically in business situations

  6. Students will be able to apply theory and organize solutions to business related problems