Agribusiness Major

Bachelor of Science Degree

The Agribusiness program is not currently accepting new students. The program approval request for Agribusiness has been submitted to the appropriate agencies and is awaiting final approval. For additional information, please contact the Urbana University Admissions Office.

Hand Pick Your Focus In Agribusiness

The Agribusiness major at Urbana University gives you a big “field” to explore on your educational journey. From marketing and sales to entrepreneurship and public policy, you have the opportunity to hand pick your specific focus in Agribusiness.

You also have the opportunity to learn how to mix business with the management side of today’s agricultural industry. You will learn how to improve inefficiencies, decrease spending and costs and increase profits within the agricultural and food industry and learn how to apply those practices and skills in the business world.

What You’ll Learn

The Agribusiness major at Urbana University not only provides you with hands-on farm experience, but also requires that you take uniquely designed and innovative courses in agriculture. The program interweaves the core business course requirements with targeted courses, which have an emphasis in agricultural production and related services. In fact, some of the agricultural related courses offered at Urbana are in the areas of environmental resources, agricultural policy, international trade and animal and crop science. By integrating the core courses with agribusiness, you will be prepared to market products and effectively manage and financially guide agribusiness firms in both domestic and agricultural markets.

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will possess a clear understanding of the relationship between the functional areas of business
  2. Students will be proficient in the use of technology common to business practices
  3. Students will gain an understanding on how  to communicate and act in a professional manner
  4. Students will be able to operate in a team building environment and interact with other business students
  5. Students will be able to think critically in business situations
  6. Students will be able to apply theory and organize solutions to business related problems